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PontoPR (PONTOPR) is a specialist ICT research & development, training and education/business whose scope of work covers areas such as mobile applications, web marketing, web crm/erp, web development, investigation, modelling and development of information systems, data mining and business consulting. PontoPR is currently developing new areas of work around support for SME and Micro businesses through ICT and social networking tools to stimulate learning, mobility and business development.
PontoPR works with both regional and national business partners across Portugal and EU Countries and has staff with good recent experience of developing e-support structures within national and EU projects across transnational partnerships.
PontoPR has offices in Porto and Lisbon. At our offices in Porto, we’re very lucky to be located right besides Douro river which allows our staff to enjoy spectacular view from our working areas and enjoyable walks alongside the river for relaxation time and or getting lunch in any of the local
With 8 specialist staff and growing, PontoPR is part of a group of companies with over 20 experts in ICT, Design, Product design, Multimedia, e-Learning, Training, Communications and Energy solutions development. PontoPR can bring considerable expertise to projects and offers extensive
links to support piloting and dissemination of activities.
PontoPR is also connected with Parents Associations which allows it to have a clear and updated view of the needs and challenges that schools have and present their students, with a focus on creativity, soft skills enhancing and cv enrichment. PontoPR as a company, reflects the attitude towards the community evidenced by its staff. Our company has worked together with universities, primary schools, arts and dance schools, and other ngos dedicated to teaching and training. The senior staff of PontoPR’s team has embraced parenthood, some, more than once, so parenting involvement is a part of our daily routine. Specifically, Cláudio Gonzaga, is an active member within two boards of Parents Associations connected to corresponding public schools, including Kindergarten, Primary School (Basic Education Level 1) and Basic Education Levels 2 and 3. He’s also a board member of a Dance and Performing Arts Association and a consultant for communication and Parent Engagement strategies for a Music & Arts Association. He’s also a consultant at the Maia Municipality Federation of Parents Associations. The range of activities aimed a parental engagement lead or participated by Cláudio include several cultural events, such as St.
Martins chestnut Festival, Carnival Parades, Easter egg hunts, Children’s Day Concerts and Workshops, as well as training events dedicated to Bullying Prevention, Nutrition, Being Smart and Safe on School Premises. Within the scope of activities developed in the Parents associations, we
motivate parents to better understand the school system, to better understand the school community, to cooperate and organize themselves to become active players in their children scholarship and learning progress. We believe in strengthening the school community as a whole to offer a better present while working for a better future for all present and future generations.