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Pro.M.E.T.EU.S. is a non-profit cultural association active in centre Italy, founded by under-35 who have experienced international and European exchanges, which operates without ethnic distinctions, ideological or confessional and is inspired by the principles of equality, respect for human rights, the rule of law and of democracy. The association promotes the culture of a united Europe, provides assistance and guidance in the field of trans-regional cooperation, local and European animation conomic-cultural and internationalization of the territories, assists the local authorities, public and private non-profit organizations and citizens in general, with particular reference to young people and disadvantaged groups in accessing European funds and the opportunities offered by EU citizenship.
The association promotes a culture of environmental sustainability, respect for the land and agricultural capital.
To pursue its own purposes, the association carries out design activities and project coordination,research, study, training, information, awareness-raising, organizing cultural activities, events,training courses, at local, regional, national or international. The Association fosters the dissemination of information on the initiatives and opportunities promoted by the European Union to promote political unity, economic, and social development of the peoples of Europe and cooperation between Member States, including through the organization of specific events.
Thanks to the expertise of its members, the Pro.M.E.T.EU.S. association focused the last years development plan on becoming a Quality Assessment Assurer partner for Erasmus+ projects. After a tailored training, the association decided to become of two projects granted during the 2018 Erasmus+ round call under the framework of KA201 for best practice exchange and innovation; in those projects the Association covers the QA role and fosters the project quality during the implementation of the different actions.
To further improve, we applied to the Italian NA for a KA104 project focused on associated members empowerment and in particular in language skills, leadership, strategic management and HR.
Hopefully, if the proposal will be approved, we could be able to test competencies acquired since from the start of the DIGI-SPACE proposal.