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Our school was established in the 2014-2015 academic year and it is located within the borders of Yahşihan District of Kırıkkale Province. As of 2018-2019 Academic Year, it continues its education with 326 students. As of the academic year of 2018-2019; It has a total of 24 staff members including
1 Manager, 1 Assistant Manager, 16 teachers, and 6 employees. Şehit Osman Yıldırım Primary School has been active since the 2014-2015 academic year. The number of students has reached to the present day increasingly every year since the 2014-2015 academic year. The number of 20 students in September 2014 that school opened has increased to 326 students, for our school is a preferred school on account of our school’s success at education, social activities, sports activities within our district and our province. The fact that our school is so popular has brought with it several negative situations. These negativities were that the number of classrooms in our school could not meet the demands and the classroom sizes increased gradually. There are 1 Special Education Sub-Class within the school and the number of students studying in this class is 1 person. Due to our student of Special Education Sub-Class and of the disadvantaged groups, we have tried to give the best educational opportunities and facilities at the school to be able to eliminate this situation and the best way to sustain its education for this student. Our students have the opportunity to do all kinds of activities and sportive activities in our school and improve themselves in the best way.

As an institution, we have not participated in any international project or Erasmus + project before but we have carried out multiple projects locally in terms of both professional and personal development of our students. Thanks to these activities that we have done locally, we have strengthened our
organizational skills both as an institution and contributed to our students in the local and social sense. With this international project, we will strengthen our organizational capability as a corporation and contribute to the development of our students in social and professional terms.
The Erasmus project will make great contributions to the professional development of our school staff and the approach to the students. It will open up the communication horizons that will be established with teachers and students from different cultures, and there will be a new perspective and light in
the education of our students. The experiences and new knowledge they will gain in this project will create excitement for new projects for both the school and their professional fields for the coming years. They will continue their education more succinctly and more willingly. Thanks to the project, a
sustainable education model will be built as our teachers, who will increase their knowledge and experience, will have the opportunity to transfer their knowledge and experiences to the new students. In addition, the acceptance of the project will be a strong motivation for all our teachers and
will further increase the prestige of our school among other institutions. At the end of the project, the process of companionship will be transferred to the other teachers and staff of our school, and the methods and techniques will be shared by broadening to all of our school and other schools. The most important acquisition of this is the students ‘interaction with our teachers.
It will provide for our school staff and students to have information about the functioning education systems of different countries, to increase academic achievement, to provide interaction in a cultural and social sense, to think differently and to improve the abilities to see and interpret the events with a
different point of view. Our school staff and students in different countries to have information about the functioning education system, to increase academic achievement, cultural and social sense to provide interaction, to look at different windows and events to see and improve the ability to interpret events. It will help our students and staff gain new life philosophy and help them to live a qualified life.
It will help them to take steps that will take them one step further in developing and changing world conditions.
Our key staff involved in the project is composed by:
Our school principal, Ümit Şeker Gazi University, graduated from the classroom teacher. European Union project preparation techniques training certificate. He also participated in project preparation and evaluation seminars. We will benefit from his experience and knowledge in carrying out our
project. It will help us with the project trainings.
Another key staff member is Gülper Doğan; He graduated from İzzet Baysal University, Primary School Teaching Department. She took courses on project preparation techniques and project management. We will use his / her information in project management.
Another key staff member is the Asuman Yumuş graduated from Kırıkkale University, class teacher.
He also holds a master's degree in Educational Sciences. She has project preparation techniques training certificate. We will benefit from the foreign language level in the execution of our project. It will help us at the point of communication.

The last key personnel of our project are Emine Altan; She is a graduate of Kırıkkale University, Department of Primary School Teaching. It will help our project in the communication point.
We think that our school will add value to the project giving a different point of view and cultural approach to it, enhancing also the cultural adaptation of the IOs development.