Vilniaus Fabijoniškių gymnasium


Vilniaus Fabijoniškių gymnasium

Address of the school: P. Žadeikos street 2, Vilnius

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Vilniaus Fabijoniškių gymnasium is the school that counts almost 30 years since it was established. It is rapidly growing gymnasium with the aim to be school of healthy pupils as it adapts conception of sports and health curriculum. Gymnasium provides all king of education for pupils from 6 to 19 years old including non-formal, individual and proffesional sports education.
Today gymnasium balanced the number of pupils of almost 1000 pupils, 70 teachers, 2 psychologist, teacher for special education and the speech therapist. This is approximately the largest number of children for whom we could ensure the best quality of education. These numbers reflex our ambition to create education system that has wide perspective of tomorrow’s needs. Our scope is to create environment, which contains suitable circumstances for early career development, healthy and practical learning and enjoyable experience. We are mature and grown gymnasium with deep roots of history. Due to the nowadays challenges and changing needs of education our school‘s strategy is to maintain the best quality of education. That means that our school ensure of education which helps children to develop physical, psychological and healthy human being. Our school maintains technological growth, environment suitable for sports and healthy lifestyle. Our school mission is to educate pupils to grow up as healthy adults with healthy attitude, broad knowledge kit and the right competencies to be successful in their life. School’s philosophy is based on European and world values: dignity of individuals, the respect of neighborhood, equality among people, freedom, human rights, tolerance and democratic public relations.