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Ngo “Home of psychological ideas” was established in 2009. - This is a non-governmental organization whose goal is to enhance the public's mental health, with a focus on non-formal education of young people, their purposeful leisure time and positive personality development.
Organizations idea was born by bringing together professionals from various fields (psychologists, educators, career professionals, youth workers) who have experience of working with young people in the area of project implementation, as well as looking for creative business solutions. The main
activities carried out by the organization since its inception:
1. Public and individual mental health and psychological maturity strengthening;
2. Youth personality-building, entrepreneurship, leadership, team building, non-formal education and integration into the labor market program;
2. Psychological, psychotherapeutic and social services to various groups;
3. The promotion of volunteering.
4. Preparation and organization of seminars, training programs and methodologies in the social and psychological fields;
5 The development and implementation of programs that address certain society groups in order to integrate them into society.

Ngo Home of psychological ideas is innovative organization, that members are experts in various fields: psychologists, social workers, youth workers. Most of them have at least 12 years’ experience of psychological work with parents, youth and children. Our team is involved in various trainings and
seminars at national and international levels. We believe that we have a lot of theoretical knowledge and practical skills, which we could use in any field related to psychological domains.
Ngo Home of psychological ideas is organization focusing on positive personality development, nonformal education and parenting related topics. Main themes: social and psychological counselling, training, camps and groups for risk groups for children and adolescents, that means a lot for us to
participate in this project since reflect our expertise creating an added value for the project implementation.
We prepare seminars, conferences, panels and handbooks for local people, social worker, teacher, volunteers who want to obtain more information about new tools and methods that can help improve their work.
- 2012 June-August preventative work with young people on drug and alcohol issues. Seminars and camps. Funded by Lithuanian Drug, Tobacco and Alcohol Control Department.
- 2013 June-September "Different action" innovative project, addressing youth behaviour and education problems. Funded by Kaunas municipality.
- 2013 "Entrepreneurship Education training programme in adult addiction rehabilitation center, a project funded by the European Social Fund.
- 2015 June Erasmus+ KA1 program project “Path to empathy” P.O.D. Association, Tenerife, Spain. Working on “Empathy methodology”
- 2015 August Erasmus+ KA2 strategic partnership program for youth “Join Opportunities of INclusion in eU Society through SPORT and Music!” 2015-1-IT02-KA201-014884, "P. Egidi" Comprehensive Institute, Italy.
- 2016 June Erasmus+ KA1 project "In sport we trust" Bulgarian Youth Association, Nessebar, Bulgaria.
- 2018 January-December – Project “I Choose Life” Funded by Lithuanian Education and exchange fund. During this project our team of psychologists were working with Kaunas Day care centers.
Methodology was focused on children and parents that have parenting, behaviour, relationship problems.

The main activity of the organization is competence development, mentoring in entrepreneurship field, training programme development, supervisions. For 9 years we have implemented projects of various scope and directions in the activities of the organization.
- Our organisation has developed a close partnership with Vytautas Magnus University's Center for Enterprise practices, which is a strategic partner in developing student and student entrepreneurial competencies and providing them with long-term mentoring and counselling services. Partnership
helped to develop a sustainable model of entrepreneurship competencies education. Center has strong team of mentors and methodologies related to creativity, team work, education, etc.
- Together with partners we were developing Entrepreneurship Academy Training Program“ and in 2018 recognized as No.1 in Lithuania and under the European SMALL AND MEDIUM-SIZED ENTERPRISES PROMOTION AWARDS - TOP3 in Europe. In 2017 VMU VPC “Entrepreneurship
Academy” was selected among 50 best practices in Europe and the world in the field of UNIVERSITY - BUSINESS COOPERATIONS. (www.ub-cooperation.eu)
- A team of trainers and mentors has been developed, using the most innovative methodologies for creativity, parenting, team work, pro-activity, emotional intelligence education: Design Thinking, Lego Serious Play, Business Model Canvas, Business Model You, Narrative and NLP Approaches, and are successfully implemented in practice for the third year.
- House of Psychological Ideas has strong partners in Lithuania. We work closely with more than 10 schools, 20 NGO‘s and various public institutions. For this project were planning to form a board of project stakeholders.